It’s the winter season. A great time to enjoy green leafy vegetables. So here comes, hariyali chicken recipe. How many of you love the greens? Specifically speaking of the herbs. Herbs like coriander leaves, Mint leaves, and Fenugreek leaves. Do you wish to have a recipe on your table loaded with green herbs along with chicken? Thus adding immense nutrition to your meal. Or finding a challenge to make a single recipe that gives you the benefits of many greens. Then You must definitely try the yummy hariyali chicken recipe. What is Hariyali Chicken? Chicken Hariyali recipe or Hariyali Murg is mostly made in the kitchen of NORTHERN INDIA. It has the health benefits of the widely used green herbs in many Indian recipes. So, this yummy chicken recipe is a gravy dish. Major ingredients are coriander, mint, and fenugreek leaves. Plus ginger-garlic paste, garam masala powder, and some other ingredients. There are a lot more hariyali recipes. Meaning many other dishes that use the magic of green herbs to make different delights. Like, hariyali Read More »


What is Chicken Changezi/ Changazi Chicken? Chicken changezi is a recipe enjoyed a lot by chicken lovers. .It is the main course dish served in restaurants, hotels, parties, etc. Changezi chicken is a gravy dish. Its gravy is prepared with ginger, garlic, tomato, and onion. Other spices include coriander powder, chilly powder, turmeric powder, kasoori meethi, and salt. Its gravy is made luscious thick by adding cream. So it is a rich ingredient chicken recipe. If you check the usual recipe of chicken changezi recipe, they are much elaborated. But, I’ll be sharing quick and simple. Actually, my mother makes it this way. I really like it. Hope you’ll like it too. What does the word CHANGEZI means? We all lick our lips after having chicken changezi. Ever wondered about the meaning of this unique word CHANGEZI? Well first of all it is not any dictionary word. It is actually a surname. People of Afghanistan and Pakistan have this as their surnames. It was after their descendent CHANGEZ KHAN. The Mughal tribe commonly have them. Read More »


What came first the chicken or the egg? This question has tricked a lot of brains. Many scholars, philosophers, and scientists have tried to find out the answer. Not only the elders but even children don’t fail to ask this question. Let’s take a look at the different logics and reasons put forward by scholars: But before we begin to arrive at the answer; take a chill pill and have a laugh~ Some jokes that I have heard on this perplexed question The egg came first because it is eaten at breakfast whereas chicken is eaten in lunch or dinner. The egg came first while the chicken was busy somewhere cracking a joke. LOL! Some philosophical answers This paradox of the chicken or the egg is quite historical. In the sense, that the Greek Philosophers have scratched their minds back then. PLUTARCH was the first one to raise this question of who came first the chicken or the egg? It invited a lot of debate and discussion. Soon after the debate on this topic, the Read More »


Hello there! Here comes another exciting recipe. It’s CHICKEN SEEKH KABAB. Want that tasty flavors of a grilled dish? Or want that smoky flavor like some tandoori dish? If yes, then surely you’ll love to try this CHICKEN SEEKH KABAB RECIPE. Many enjoy this recipe of seekh chicken kabab at restaurants and at other eating places. Some have this stereotype in their mind that it is a very hard and tough recipe. When actually it is not. What is Chicken Seekh Kabab? Basically, Chicken seekh kabab is a recipe prepared with minced meat. The minced meat (keema) has the goodness of exotic Indian Spices. Like black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cumin. Major veggies added to it are garlic, onion, and chilies. This flavored pack minced meat is rolled along the seekhs in a cylindrical shape and then grilled out on open-air grillers, in an oven or on Tawa. SEEKH KABABS are not only prepared with chicken but also with lamb and mutton. *SEEKHS: Seekhs are what we call as skewers in English. Chicken Seekh Read More »


Struggling to learn about the basics of storing, freezing & washing the chicken? No more worries I got You. Many people want to cook chicken at home. But they have many questions regarding the washing and freezing of the chicken. Even if some people are able to cook chicken at home they face issues. Like how to wash chicken properly? How to wash chicken keema? How to store chicken in the fridge or freezer? How to avoid chicken from bleeding while frying it? How long can chicken be kept in a freezer or fridge? So, in this post, I’ll be addressing such most of the frequently asked questions about the Chicken. How to wash Chicken/ Chicken Keema properly? If you just bought freshly cut chicken, then my advice is to soak it in water. This should be done for about 5-10 minutes. The soaking process effectively aids in removing the blood from chicken. If you bought frozen chicken then, of course, no need to soak it in water or even wash it. Now, if it Read More »


Hello foodies! here I bring another delectable recipe for you all. Looking out for a snack or maybe a main course dish to be prepared with boneless chicken? Yes, the dish I am sharing is just like that. It can be served both as an evening snack or maybe a partner to your biryani. (Pssst. that’s a great combo believe me….) It is CHICKEN SHAMI KABAB. You can happily add it to your food list and won’t regret trying it for once. So let’s get started with the recipe of lip-smacking Chicken Shami kababs. What is Chicken Shami Kabab? Shami kababs are mostly shallow fried round-shaped kababs. The key ingredients are chicken keema and chana dal. Besides this, it uses exotic Indian spices like red chilly, jeera, cinnamon, black pepper and veggies like onion and ginger. Because this recipe uses chicken and also chana dal, so it becomes a recipe loaded with protein. Recipe Of Chicken Shami Kabab Ingredients 500 gm chicken boneless 125 gm chana dal ( soaked for 3-4 hours) garam masala (1/4 Read More »


HELLO! to all the pizza lovers out there. When it comes to pizza eating the names that instantly pop in our mind are PIZZAHUT and DOMINOS. We love eating at these food chains. But how about if we can bring those flavors and taste to our kitchen? Also making this feast of pizza guilt-free one. Yes, you can get all this right here. So, let’s get started to make a healthy chicken pizza at home in an easy way. SOME FUN FACT: “The most popular night to eat pizza is SATURDAY.” RECIPE OF HEALTHY CHICKEN PIZZA INGREDIENTS For pizza base 2 cups wheat flour (Atta)1 tsp sugar1 tsp dry yeast 1 tbsp any cooking oil2tbsp of lukewarm waterSalt to taste For pizza topping 400 gm boneless chicken cut into 1- inch pieces1/2 tsp red chilly powder1/2 tsp garam masala1/2 tsp black pepper powder1 tsp ginger garlic paste1 Diced bell pepperFew olives thinly sliced1 cup low- fat mozzarella cheesePizza sauce (no salt added) METHOD Take lukewarm water in a small bowl and add yeast to it. Let Read More »


The word CHICKEN and BIRYANI seem like an inseparable combination. I personally love chicken biryani. Actually, who doesn’t? Chicken biryani is a recipe made with meat and rice. Meat is cooked in spices ( especially garam masala). This cooked meat is layered with rice. Or in some recipes, meat and rice are cooked along with spices. Lastly, it is topped with saffron or caramelized onions or both. So, it is a dish full of protein. It is a dish that unites people from different corners of India. A dish so loved that it topped the list of orders as per the report of SWIGGY 2019. And this happened for the 3rd time now. On average Indians ordered 95 biryanis per minute. So, where does this scrumptious recipe ORIGINATED? There are many stories behind this recipe. The word biryani is an Urdu word derived from the Persian language. Some say it came from Afghanistan. While some believe it came from Persia (Iran). If traced back to the past, The Mughals are known to be the biryani Read More »


Eating chicken? It must be some chicken leg or maybe chicken wings. ACTUALLY, these are the two we’re most familiar with.WELL, there’s a lot more. Hang on and relax to learn more about the major tender cuts of chicken.BESIDES knowing about the cuts, it will also help you to choose the suitable cuts according to the dish one is making. When speaking of eating chicken or just simply buying it, there are two broad categories to learn about. So let’s begin with our topic, “The chicken cuts and its description”. One is THE DRESSED CHICKEN and the other is THE CUTS. THE DRESSED CHICKEN, sounds a little nutty in the sense that how can one consume the whole bird meaning to eat each and every part it has. Well, the answer is off course no.THEN, what it is? Let’s catch a brief description of the chicken meat anatomy or simply the cuts made into it to make it palatable. DRESSED CHICKEN WOG stands for With Out Giblets. Giblet is a term used for all the fowl Read More »