Eating chicken? It must be some chicken leg or maybe chicken wings. ACTUALLY, these are the two we’re most familiar with.WELL, there’s a lot more.

Hang on and relax to learn more about the major tender cuts of chicken.BESIDES knowing about the cuts, it will also help you to choose the suitable cuts according to the dish one is making.
Chicken cuts and it's description

When speaking of eating chicken or just simply buying it, there are two broad categories to learn about. So let’s begin with our topic, “The chicken cuts and its description”.

One is THE DRESSED CHICKEN and the other is THE CUTS.

THE DRESSED CHICKEN, sounds a little nutty in the sense that how can one consume the whole bird meaning to eat each and every part it has. Well, the answer is off course no.THEN, what it is? Let’s catch a brief description of the chicken meat anatomy or simply the cuts made into it to make it palatable.


  • A  dressed chicken includes all the parts like breast, thigh, drumsticks, wings, back and abdominal fat.
  • It excludes giblets for which a common word is used i.e; WOG.
  • WOG stands for With Out Giblets.
  • Giblet is a term used for all the fowl parts like the liver, the heart, and the neck of the chicken.
  • A dressed chicken is often roasted with vegetables for eating purposes. Additionally, it is also served with salads and chutneys (sauces).


  • It is a whole muscle product.
  • It’s a very versatile part. It contains little fat.
  • It’s a perfect cut to make pan-fry, oven roast dishes.
  • People also use it to make sandwiches and soups.
  • We Indians love this juicy boneless portion as chicken chilly, chicken roll and chicken burgers.
  • In Arab countries, Chicken biryani is served with dressed chicken.
Chicken cuts and it's description


  • The part that we get by cutting a whole leg at the joint is a chicken thigh. This part is slightly brown in color.
  • It contains a little more fat than the breast.
  • We Indians love this to be served in form curries.
  • SOME delectable curries include butter chicken, chicken biryani, lemon chicken and much more.
taj fresh chicken


  • The part that we get by cutting a whole leg through the joint is a chicken drumstick.
  • It is simply the lower part of the chicken leg.
  • MOST enjoyed recipes of chicken drumsticks are fried drumsticks, baked drumsticks, chicken biryani [with tangri] and BBQ drumsticks.


  • Chicken wings have a sort of more concentrated poultry flavor.
  • It is a cut made from two places.
  • The first is cut from the flat portion.
  • The second is cut from the tip.
  • Spicy masala wings, tandoori wings with tamarind sauce are quite popular recipes.

Chicken cuts and it's description


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